Book Notes: The Wim Hof Method

Wim Hof believes it is our birthright as human beings to experience happiness, strength, and health. The purpose behind his desire to share his discovery through his book, The Wim Hof Method, is to change the way we perceive consciousness, human potential, and the truth of nature. It is an illuminating and inspiring read. Below i have accumulated a few book notes for those that would prefer the “cliff notes” version. By no means is this an exhaustive summary or review, simply just some key points and favorite parts that stuck out to me!

Core Themes 🤓

  1. It’s often through our own tragedies, sadness, and despair we often stumble across something far more powerful within ourselves than we ever imagined.
  2. It’s okay to be different and pursue unconventional ways of thinking. There will always be critics and skeptics, but don’t let them stop you from living your truth. Don’t let yourself be eaten by the system- live your truth.
  3. Through gradual breathwork, mindset, and cold exposure practices, we can rediscover the missing link in human health and vitality and become our own healers. We possess the ability to connect to the power within that consciously can heal and optimize our neurology and physiology leading to greater happiness, strength, and health in all areas of our lives.
  4. The paradigm shift is happening as we move toward a more holistic, natural approach to health care. Ancient wisdom paired with modern sciences is unveiling secrets of human potential once believed to be inaccessible. Wim Hof has made it his mission to share his discoveries and how we, too, can make these discoveries backed by science.

Favorite Quotes 🗣

  • “Seekers who are free within become finders.” – Wim Hof (Pg. 76)
  • “We are limited only by the depth of our imagination and the strength of our conviction.” – Wim Hof (Pg. 173)
  • “You’re a new gladiator. Your shield is the method, and your sword is the truth.” – Wim Hof
  • “There are always going to be cynics and skeptics pushing back against you when you challenge the established order of things… they fear the truth.” – Wim Hof (Pg. 122)
  • “The method is not a pill. You have to have dedication and conviction to become your own teacher and guide. It makes you meet your fear rather than turn away from it.” (Page 103).
  • “The control I’ve gained through going into nature and coming back is a control that you too can gain with training.” (Page 104)
  • “What is true success? Living in your heart.” – Wim Hof (Pg. 120)
  • “They tries to bury us, but we are the seeds.” – Wim Hof (pg. 128)
  • “Yoga is silencing the modifications of the mind; then the seer dwells in his own nature.” – Patanjali

Takeaways/Gold Nuggets ✍🏽

  • We are not powerless against disease or illness, and we do not have to accept this as the norm. “Most of us still think that disease and illness, both physical and mental are normal or, worse, inevitable and that we are powerless to do anything about it. But disease and illness aren’t normal, and you can do something about them.” (Pg. 130)
  • But what about an occasional beer or wine Wim? Wouldn’t this be against the teaching? “I’m not here to be an example for you, but instead to be the master within myself. Let that be the example for others to emulate. We only go through this life once, and we might as well enjoy ourselves while we do. Those who would deprive themselves of simple pleasures like an occasional beer may benefit from it in terms of their short-term performance, but they aren’t nourishing the soul.” – Wim Hof (pg. 118)
  • We must realize that the true extent of the power of our minds is accessed through developing new neurological pathways that contribute to the experience of a new reality.
  • This method brings back blood flow and neuroactivity to the brain. During brain scans, monitoring the neural activity of patients suffering mental/emotional conditions, those patients who practiced Wim Hof breathwork brains lit up like a disco ball… Blood was flowing throughout parts of their brains previously inactive and inaccesible to stimulating.
  • Does the Breath-work method improve my bodies performance? Yes.. It increases ATP which in turn yields the process of aerobic dissimilation within the body to increase the amount of energy available for biological processes.“With more breathing, there is simply more ATP, while the production of lactic acids is reduced, which keeps the body in an alkaline state. At the same time, with deeper breathing, more CO2 is exhaled, the blood pH level becomes more alkaline, and thus aerobic dissimilation can happen.” – Wilfried Ehrmann (Page 111)
  • Practicing the Wim Hof method allows us to explore the unknown, and make it known. “With every experiment, every publication, we’re rewriting the books, making our case. We’re operating beyond the known limits of science.” – Wim Hof (Pg. 121)
  • Don’t get caught up in external validation. Fame, awards, achievements and recognition- “If you engage too much in outside validation, you lose the path to yourself. You will get off course. Self-love is being proud of yourself by your own lights.” (Pg. 69)
  • We cannot change others minds without first changing ours. “Don’t seek to change others; change yourself. Just mind your own mind and let others mind theirs. Show them who you are through your actions, through your conviction.” (Pg. 69)
  • Play is key. Be a playful person. Engage with the playfulness of children and realize your own inclination to want to play. To play is medicine for the soul.
  • Through the method, we can bring back an awareness of the beauty of life.

Questions to ask ourselves 🧐

  • Am i willing to get uncomfortable and search for a better way or do i cling to comfort?
  • Is our health care system (and the collective) into truly healing, or are we into medicine?
  • Do you think disease’s and illness are inevitable? Are you convinced they are irreversible? Or if they are, it must be done with powerful drugs and devices?
  • A great question proposed by Wim, “What is your mission? What is your vision quest? That vision quest is really you, the exploration of the still unventured terrain within yourself.” (Pg. 100)