When an ecosystem is thriving, it generally receives everything essential to its growth and development. It’s getting abundant water, light, and nutrients, and all of its natural systems are functioning in symbiosis to achieve this flourishing state. As human beings, we too are biological organisms part of the external ecosystem we call nature- and in ancient times, we thrived hand in hand with it.

However, since the industrial revolution and modern technological advancements, we have severed our connection to this greater power. We’re content going through the motions while our minds and bodies are filled with junk and toxins. We’re disconnected, cognitively overloaded, stressed out, fatigued, and confused- we’re living in a state of survival rather than a state thriving. We’re the equivalent of a beautiful wine orchard that has flourished
for hundreds of years but is slowly wilting and dying due to its lack of essential requirements. But, don’t get down on the current state of the world and don’t worry, there is something we can do about this! To shift away from the old-world model, don’t waste your energy dwelling on its problems; instead, invest your energy into discovering and implementing solutions; as Mahatma Gandhi says, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

To undergo an inner transformation, though, we must first get to “know thyself,” as Socrates
says. Here at Live Thrivingly, it is my intention to not only help you get to know yourself more but also explore the fundamentals behind a thriving life. Through the fusion of modern science and technology with our ancestors’ ancient wisdom and practices, I believe we are extremely well equipped to evolve into a more harmonious state.

So as we move forward, may we cultivate a holistic understanding of the vital systems it takes to thrive in nature so that we, too, can achieve vigorous growth in this life.